Mini Backup Player

Mini Backup Player


Mini backup player for SD and SN series recorders..

NVR and iPIMS client: Compatible with video files copied from an NVR or downloaded via iPIMS client software.

DVR only : Compatible with video files copied from a DVR.

 Please unzip the file completely before running BackupPlayer.exe



Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Fence

Put a virtual fence to the secure area.

Sit back and relax

Our AI solutions works while you are away or sleeping.

Sequrinet AI cameras and AI-Box are powered by the deep learning-based Artificial Intelligence engine. Take your security system to the next level!

See it First

The powerful built-in AI IDENTIFIES humans and vehicles and alerts the user in real-time. No more pixel detecting based faulty video analytics.

Don't take our word for it


User friendly mobile app and CMS program.


Baltimore, MD


Excellent support and product.


Los Angeles, CA


A game changer. Sequrinet NVR saves me so much time installing it.


Hackensack, NJ

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