iPIMS HD Desktop Viewer

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iPIMS desktop client software is a powerful multisite client application for a PC.

Up to 256 sites can be registered and up to 64 cameras can be viewed on a monitor with multiple monitors. Powerful Ai search and time search enhances the end-user experience at peak.

Compatible with SD5/ SN8 series Recorders

Default login info:


Password: 1234

[ Click here to download iPIMS Desktop Viewer ]

[ Download backup/mini player ]

iPIMS: Adding a recorder:


 Applications: Retail store, Cooperate offices, Jewelry stores, Restaurants



 Live HD view

HD Playback

Remote marching

Remote setup

Multi-user management

PTZ control

Digital PTZ control


Custom view layout

Two-way audio control

Full-screen control center viewing mode

Multiple monitors supported with individual viewing control



Instruction: Adding a recorder

Step 1: click the setup tab --> Device --> Add 

Step2: Enter the device information and click ok.

Step 3. Click Apply to save.

3. Click the Live tab --> drag and drop the device to view live screen.


Download a full demo video






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