IP Camera Tools

IP Camera Tools


IP camera setup tool.

Admin tool: finds NC series IP cameras and program IP addresses.

Multiupgrade tool: finds NC series IP cameras with additional tools.



Enabling or resetting network access from Windows 10:

Search for "allow an app through windows firewall" from the windows search menu.

Click "Change settings" 

Make sure Private and Public are checked for "Admin tool" or "Multi upgrade tool" or "IP Camera upgrade tool"

You may have to perform a similar action from your antivirus application menu.

Note: if you still cannot scan for the cameras, uncheck the boxes --> OK and enable it again to reset the accessibility.


Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Fence

Put a virtual fence to the secure area.

Sit back and relax

Our AI solutions works while you are away or sleeping.

Sequrinet AI cameras and AI-Box are powered by the deep learning-based Artificial Intelligence engine. Take your security system to the next level!

See it First

The powerful built-in AI IDENTIFIES humans and vehicles and alerts the user in real-time. No more pixel detecting based faulty video analytics.

Don't take our word for it


User friendly mobile app and CMS program.


Baltimore, MD


Excellent support and product.


Los Angeles, CA


A game changer. Sequrinet NVR saves me so much time installing it.


Hackensack, NJ

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