Live Demo

Click here to watch Sequrinet US Youtube Channel

Hybrid DVR:

Port: 8080

RTSP port: 5554


Port: 9090

RTSP port: 9554

ID: demo

Password: 12345

ID: demo

Password: 12345

Web demo (IE recomanded for a high-resolution view) 222222 Download iPIMS application
iPIMS software ID/Password:  ADMIN / 1234
Wed demo-IE Prefered Live demo

Mobile App: Apple / Android

nViewer Sequrinet: A cloud-based mobile app with real-time push notification and P2P feature.

You can use a nViewer for Sequrinet as a standalone app by not creating an online account. 


nViewer Mobile App for Android and IPhone and IPad.

Please search for nViewer at the app store.

Step1: Create a SeQurinet cloud account.

2. Enter a unique ID and secure password.

3. Press the + icon and add a recorder.

4. Enter remote login credentials for the recorder and click save button.

5. The recorder is now registered and listed on the app. Click the registered unit for a live view.

6. If having trouble opening up a live viewer, double-check 'step 4'